Rio Bravo is formed around the idea that there is need for an interdisciplinary space in Copenhagen to house performances, lectures, and events produced by artists and practitioners of other fields whose work intersects one another. The goal is to create a place that represents the wide cross section of practices shaping the cultural landscape today.

Because there is so much cross-over between the fields of contemporary art, literature, film, theater, music, and social organization today, Rio Bravo is being conceived with the input of people from widely varied backgrounds and places.

Rio Bravo will be a place for people working in Copenhagen and people passing through. We intend to keep openings in the program to allow space to facilitate last minute arrangements and events that couldn’t be made in places where scheduling is done months in advance. This will allow opportunities for artists and others making professional visits to Copenhagen to present extensions of their exhibitions or take creative risks they wouldn’t be able to elsewhere.

We would like to create a space that addresses the ephemeral aspects of art, not as a contradiction to gallery spaces and formal institutions, but as an addition to them.