This project was initiated by curator Åsa Nacking who had invited artist Andrea Zittel for a show in Sweden in relation to the upcoming bridge reuniting Denmark and Sweden in 2000. Andreas proposition was to construct an island as part of her pocket property project. The idea was to make an independent film project on the island. My idea was to bring a film crew and a journalist out to the island trying to get Andrea to tell about why she did an island between the two countries. To spice things up I also proposed to bring a handyman trying to fix the endless problems on the island (storage space, plumbing etc) and his girlfriend hoping for a nice vacation on the paradise island. Little did they know that Andrea was going to be there and that the film crew was arriving as well... The film is made as a mini-series in three episodes of 22 min each.

gollywobbler from joachim hamou on Vimeo.