This is one of the failed far.

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The film was made as a proposition and a proof of my skills as a "regular" film director. The idea was to make this little film as part of an application for funding for a bigger film. The major Danish film producer that was suppose to do the job proved never been introduced to this project by the middle man that made me and all the actors and crew work for free producing this little film.

Never mind, this short film proved to be real fun to do and I hope to be able to work with this crew again.

The text is based on a old film idea that never came further then this one scene we now call "ja sägarna" meaning “the yes-sayer".

Basically the scene is a group of people meeting up reading one of Berthold Brecht learning play “the yes-sayer” from 1930. After a while the group have a major conflict based on the moral and economic discrepancy within the reading group.

Unfortunately the film is in Danish/Swedish only...

Ja Sägarna from joachim hamou on Vimeo.